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SKG Animation is a fastest growing freelance animation & illustration production team, that specializes in the business of offshore and onshore animation & multimedia development work for clients across the world. We are a dedicated team comprises of well experienced and highly creative freelance illustrator, animators, developers from India. Our team of professionals have a highly successful track record of 2d – 3d animation, cartoon animation, traditional animation, flash animation, animated TV commercials, 3d designs and architectural walkthrough, cartoon, storyboarding, comics/ graphic novels, children book, character designing, concept art and wide range of illustrations, game/apps development, e learning .

Our team comprises of well experienced and highly creative professionals who specialize in combining advance animation with the latest cutting-edge software to create world class computer animation, architectural walkthrough animation, illustration, cartoon animation and character animation services worldwide. Home offices and a core team of experienced freelance 2D animators keep our overhead expenses low and our prices competitive compared to animation studios.

We deliver quality work with full satisfaction and within the client’s budget and requirements. We are committed to making a long-term relationship with our clients. We are flexible in our approach and try to accommodate all the needs of our clients requirements.

SKG animation India has helped several companies and individuals in finding the right solution for their offshore animation projects. We are always willing to undertake your outsourced animation work. Just send us the details of the project that you wish to get developed so that we can assist you the fullest.

If you have any question or specific requirement of animation and multimedia development please Contact us.

Our Specialties:

2D Animation
3D Animation
Classical Animation
Animated Marketing Video Production
Character Designs
Concept Designs
Children Book Illustrations
Comic Book / Graphic Novel Illustrations
Background Illustrations
Digital Illustrations
Games / E Learning
3D Designs and architectural walkthrough

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