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body>data>space is a collective of artists and designers engaged in creating unusual connections between performance, architecture, new media and virtual worlds. Using our own collaboration methodologies and networked creation processes, the group visions the future of the human body and its real-time relationship to evolving global, social and technological shifts. body>data>space utilises performance, installation and interaction techniques to comment on these changes through the creation of innovative forms of education, art and entertainment.

Formed in 2005, and emerging from previous digital ground-breaking organisations shinkansen and Future Physical we have over 20 years work experience in the international cultural and creative industries and in the digital sector. The body>data>space collective contains mature professionals and those with fresh, topical and younger thinking – an inter-generational grouping from those in our 20s to our 50s.

Forums, cluster projects, workshops, research groups, journeys, immersion environments and responsive spaces are all core elements of our creation outputs. We engage the public in the creative side of the work, in majority, enabling equal authorship through the participation of others.

We move forward with expanded ideas for event telematics and creative participation through virtual/physical gaming. Future projects explore digital mobility on a European scale, interauthorship, future work and play environments and social engagement through crowd sourced initiatives and media facades.

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