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After setting stages on fire around the planet during their successful two-year Riots In The Jungle tour, pan-tropical future bass band SKIP&DIE are back with an exhilarating new album, entitled Cosmic Serpents - luring their audiences into a landscape somewhere between paradise, the apocalypse and beyond.

With its re-imagining of global music, irresistible rhythms and beats, acoustic instruments, field recordings and spacey synths, SKIP&DIE’s second album, Cosmic Serpents, reveals a poetic sonic collage that toys with ideas of transient life, looming death, and the notion that our collective DNA coils throughout eternity like a cosmic serpent.

The new album was written and recorded in Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia, La Reunion island, South Africa, Portugal and the Netherlands. It incorporates a rich variety of musical styles (from digital cumbia, creole maloya, brazilian rasterinha and electro chaabi - to dub, footwork and psychedelic rock) which have been inventively merged into an intimately layered SKIP&DIE universe.

SKIP&DIE consist of South African songwriter, vocalist and visual artist Catarina Aimée Dahms aka Cata.Pirata, producer Jori Collignon on keys and FX, Gino Bombrini on percussion & guitar and Daniel Rose on guitar and other string instruments.

They are joined on Cosmic Serpents by a handful of exciting guests from around the globe, including Reunion island band Lindigo, Cairo’s electronic wunderkind Islam Chipsy, Brazil’s DJ Gorki (from Bonde do Role) and brilliant Argentine electronic music artist Chancha Via Circuito

Cata.Pirata > vocals / visuals
Gino Bombrini > percussion / guitar
Daniel Rose > string instruments (sitar/guitar/sas)
Jori Collignon > fx/ percussion/ keys

Cat Tran >
Nahuel Blaton >

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