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Skofteland Film specializes in making warm, intimate films which touch on important themes. We aim to break down prejudice and myth in society without pointing fingers. We want to inspire the viewers in our audience to think for themselves through the experience the film provides, and by getting to know people that they otherwise would not have known so well. In our productions we would like to combine viewer-friendliness with meaningful content. It will be important in the future to remained focused on the quality of our films while at the same time continuing to reach ordinary people.

Skofteland Film was established in Oslo in 2006, and is an independent TV and film production company that produces documentary films and series for Norwegian television. General manager and producer Hilde Skofteland has extensive experience in film and television and has worked for several of the largest production companies in Scandinavia. Skofteland Film is developing quickly and is already one of Norway’s largest documentary film production companies. Skofteland Film is a team of highly competent and sought after free lancers who have a singular goal: to produce quality documentary film.

• Thaifjord, (Orig. title: Et lite stykke Thailand) 6 episodes documentary series: An audience favorite financed by Norwegian Film Fund and TVNORGE and winner of the Norwegian “Emmy” Gullruten 2008. Sold to SVT, Sweeden.

• Harvesting the Wasteland, (Orig. title Lykkens Grøde) single documentary: Praised by the critics and seen by more than 1 mill viewers on NRK 2008 (First prize Volda International Doc. Festival 2008, Nominated for Amanda (the Norwegian Oscar) at the Norwegian Int. Film Festival 2008 and Gullruten 2009 (the Norwegian Emmy), screened on NRK, SVT, YLE FST).

• Memento Mori, single documentary: (NRK 2008, co-prod YLE FST).

• The Glamour Girls, (orig. title Glamourjentene) 8 episodes documentary series (TVNORGE 2009).

• Cabin Dreams, (orig. title Hyttedrømmen) 6 episodes documentary series (TV2 2010)

• Songs from the street, (orig. title Uteliggernes sang) single documentary (NRK 2010). Winner of the audience prize at The Norwegian Documentary Festival. Nominated for Gullruten in the catgories: Best Director, Best Editor and Best Photographer.

• Shabana's choice, (orig. title Shabanas valg) single documentary (NRK 2010)

• Thaifjord II, (Orig. title: Et lite stykke Thailand) 8 episodes documentary series: An audience favorite. (TVNorge 2011). Nominated for Gullruten in three categories: Best doku-series, Best TV-moment of the year and Best participant.

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