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Founded by artists Jill Pangallo and Alex P White, SKOTE is a performance collaboration dedicated to the movement arts, the value of play and our favorite emotion: laughter through tears. We say, SOwrong, SOright about relationships that deny reduction. We are complicated like clowns.

SKOTE practices the queer tradition of camp with a capital C. Speaking through an/others voice is the contemporary condition and it is from this self reflexive perspective that our practice reveals a feminist/queer agenda. We promote a faith in the always-becoming, culturally defined notion of identity in a post-everything, techno-consumer society. We liken this type of performativity to a remix.

Our remixes are about altering history, about confusing identities, about shifting through layers of references to reclaim and reposition dominant cultural coding to suit our creative agendas. We re-present our performances, the remix, in a variety of contexts to understand how performance communicates. In this way our projects are in a constant state of becoming and therefore, it is natural for us to historicize our practice with an archive. Our product and content come from this process, copies of copies of copies, a type of decay we appreciate and preserve. SKOTE is a media construction—recorded, reordered, coded and decoded, duplicated ad-nauseum.

We are SKOTE: complicated and confused.

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