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SkyBabyRecords was created in 1999 as a hub for Paul Terry’s film soundtracks and solo musical ventures: these encompass his ongoing alt-acoustic moniker Cellarscape – including the new record 'A Theta/Delta Union' and the acclaimed 2009 album 'Animation, Suspension'.

Paul's original film scores (and Producer credits) to date include the 12-time award-winning werewolf tale 'The Furred Man', 2006 feature 'The Wake', award-winning short 'Mightier', and the forthcoming horror, 'Care'.

Paul is also known for his writing/editing. He co-authored (with Tara Bennett) the official 'LOST Encyclopedia', created with the show’s writer/producers and ABC Studios. He was also the Editor of 'LOST: The Official Magazine' for the title’s entire run, and co-hosted Sky1’s 'The LOST Initiative' with presenter Iain Lee and ‘Geeky’ Tom Page.

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