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Creators of original narrative content and always looking to collaborate. Specialists in short, narrative fiction, music videos & commercial work.

Riyadh Haque//Dir.//DoP//Editor//Writer (

John McGinty//Dir.//Writer//Producer (

Bensalem Mitchell//Dir.//Producer (

Chris Haill//Co-Founder//Producer


  1. Oliver Ford DOP
  2. Strong Island Media
  3. Team Xeno
  4. Kate Herron
  5. Thomas Shawcroft
  6. Joseph Bicknell | Colourist
  7. Joey Bartram
  8. Lauren Gauge
  9. Mad Wolf Media
  10. Benjamin Foss
  11. Adam Palmer
  12. Bensalem Mitchell
  13. Sam Davis
  14. Andrew Fletcher
  15. B Welby-Delimere
  16. Jed Hart
  17. Rob Munday
  18. Short of the Week

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  1. Hi Gents! This looks great. When you film the full version get in touch - would love to work together again, and am full of ideas for films too - share time! Much love as ever Lauren x