irina slastenko

Los Angeles, CA

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i'm an interactive designer with a special little place in my heart for motion graphics and 3D, and a constant need to explore.

i can't sit still. by the end of this summer i will have crossed 5 countries side to side, mostly by car and train. i have a knack for getting deported from countries in which i did not mean to end up (ahem, thanks croatia).

i can't get enough of new place. after graduating college i sold everything i owned and drove to california. because what's the worst that could happen with so many palm trees and cactuses around, and when is ever a better time than now?

although i've aspired to be a homeless hippie barista on the beach in southern cali ever since high school, i do want to eventually find a design job. so i can stop bumming on people's couches. give me a shout if you know of something. you can check out my work here:

:) let's be friends.

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