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Gamine - You Can Cry (And Other Lullabies)

We have the great pleasure of announcing the release of the second album, on the Slaughterback label, by Gamine, titled “You Can Cry (And Other Lullabies)”. As you have no doubt inferred, this is indeed a collection of lullabies. Real ones. That we wrote ourselves. (Admit it, when you read ‘lullabies’ in the title, you were probably expecting a post-modern collection of ironic pearls of wisdom, but you will be heartened to know that we decided to make something new and sincere, and none of your Coldplay on a xylophone or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, either.)

All of the tracks feature the words and voice of Claudia Barton and the music of Ian Williams, although we needed the helping hand of Louis Philippe for a French adaptation of the title track. It is Gamine’s fondest wish to imagine a whole new movement of parents singing our sweet piano lullabies to their babies just like when life was in black & white and log-fires were in vogue, thereby unwittingly raising a generation of Gamine fans hooked before even the Jesuits can get to them. We pride ourselves on the bewitching simplicity of our melodies and the heartfelt poetry of the words, so much so that we can imagine whole swathes of the country overcome with the urge to sing our songs to each other, be they babies or not.

The trademark Gamine sound of evocative, trans-magical piano, and sumptuous, multi-beautiful vocals that was so popular on our debut album, “Sabotage”, has been augmented on “Summer” and “Love Having Love” by atmosparkling pedal steel guitar. Meanwhile, though “Ring” and “The Sky’s Eyes” have an altogether more orchestral bent, little touches of electronic jiggery-pokery sprinkled hither and thither throughout this timeless album prove that it was actually made in the 21st Century.

Naturally, we see ourselves as social crusaders, and are convinced that playing tunes such as “Brave And Kind” or “Hush” in spots where feral, asbo-ridden children congregate can only have a positive effect on their morale.

We also took the trouble to dust off our trusty Super 8 cameras and put our dwindling stocks of Kodachrome to good use, making little promo films for “Motet” (with an award-winning performance by our stunt butterfly) and “The Sky’s Eyes”, (in which Claudia bids to be the first singer to row single-handedly across the Atlantic in a ball-gown), which we include on the CD.

At the moment, Gamine have no plans to play these songs in concert - we have tried but the audience keeps falling asleep - though this may change should there be a public clamour for it.

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