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Abbotsford, BC, Canada

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Welcome to the new official home of SBS Live This Week!

We are proud to be officially removing our indie-music program from the demons at YouTube in order to preserve the show as it is meant to be shown....and without the involvement of corporate greed-mongering....
Vimeo is the perfect place for a show like SBS Live This Week that features talent of all genres and styles from the independent scene from all over the globe as well as our own homebase in British Columbia, Canada.

From in-depth interviews to all-video shows, to video-interviews beamed across the world and giving creative control to the artists and bands taking the questions - sleepingbagstudios exists as a conduit for creativity and a physical manifestation of the idea that music of all kinds can find common ground and groove together.

So come and join us! We love what we do and we like to think it shows....and we're incredibly happy to be here in our new home with a ton of new music fans to share the excitement with.

See you onscreen!
- Jer @ SBS

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