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Dr. Linda LAI
Email Address: smllai@cityu.edu.hk

"Micro Narratives" is a private group on Vimeo created by Micro Narratives.
“Micro-narrative” is a neologism created for the purpose of reflecting upon and revising existing norms, conventions and forms of practices in moving image creation. Through continuous videography, members become aware of key moments of experimentation in film, video, literary and art history to examine the power of intermediality in innovative art practices, and as facts of history. In response, we create video and sound works that examine and respond to purposeful discussions and to address new screen contexts outside the movie theatre. We uphold a new mode of learning that abolishes the assumed distinction between art-making and theory-learning.

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  1. An artist's statement, please, before cooments are entered. (Linda)
  2. Label, I appreciate the thought and work process leading to the work: it began with an everyday experience (swinging), discovery with 2 different tools, an attempt to make sense of the similarity and difference of the two trial capture of images,…