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Every day, literally thousands of talented, hard-working folks out there gain new insight from their work, come up with brilliant ideas and then share their experience with fellow designers. Nourished by the gratitude of its benefactors and powered by the reach of social networking, this community has produced a wide variety of high-quality articles, resources and tools, available to everybody.

Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers.

Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development. We try to persuade you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information we present. Smashing Magazine is and always has been independent.

Perhaps the most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of the design community is its friendly, enthusiastic spirit. Every single contribution supports the entire community, and the community supports these contributors with traffic and word-of-mouth advertising: the networking effect at its best.

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