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Made by the students in Prof. Salvador Carrasco's Film 32 and 33 Film Production classes at Santa Monica College (SMC), these non-commercial, educational projects are classroom recreations of short scenes from existing movies in which each student-director delves into the original script and imbues it with her/his own vision. Each scene was carefully prepped, shot in one class period, edited, and had a total cost of zero dollars.
Also featured are trailers for our original Film 33 short films (e.g., "Solidarity," "Hurt," "Cora"), recent Q&A events (e.g., with Oliver Stone and Christine Choy), a slideshow of SMC's Professional Development Program in China, behind-the-scenes, live symphonic concerts, music videos, commercials, and documentaries --all of them original Santa Monica College Film Productions.


  1. ZENG Zeng
  2. Sayaka Producciones