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"Traveling expands the mind and humbles the soul. Broaden your sight to new horizons and experience a a gift of what the world has to offer. Travel often and Travel in style. "

S. McKellar is a luxury travel brand that is located in southern California. Our mission is to is to recreate and style the shit out of your everyday travel items. In order to achieve luxury, all of our products are hand made using only the finest materials, such as grade A Italian leather, Alligator, Japanese YKK zippers, and 24k gold plated engraved hardware. Every piece is designed and detailed from the inside out leaving no piece unnoticed

From our initial sketches, to the final product, the objection is the same: to provide a new excitement and a new style to the often boring travel market. People will notice you, and you will experience the excitement that is, when you travel with S. McKellar

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