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Smiley Clothing Australia (SCA) is a local Perth lifestyle brand that lives and breathes is motto - Life's About Smiling. We are a surf, skater, beach urban street wear brand.

Smiley Clothing Australia (SCA) is all about portraying the positive Australian vibe, we want you to feel a little cheeky,playfull and adventerous when wearing our high quality clothing. We at SCA pride ourselves in our large range of high quality products that are colour fast, fade resistant and very well fitted.

We produce Men's, Women's and Youth t-shrts, hoodies and more.

SCA works with some of the best extreme sports exponents, in the world. We have our own extreme team called THE TEAM. They include Wing Suit, BASE jumpers, skaters, Parkor and wind surfers.

Keep smiling, get out there and live life and remember - Life's About Smiling !!!!!

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