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Loma Linda, CA

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I consider myself a journalist in the sense of storytelling. Never in life did I expect to see more clearly. Then I picked up a camera and my journey began.

A communicator is not just someone who studies their passion but a person who lives it. My journey started when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I learned that I live in an incomprehensible world.

As I realized that, I started to seeking for life's meaning. It was comforting to know that everyone had a story and everyone was figuring out their purpose.Through telling people's stories, somehow I found meaning. Somehow, I felt like I was giving them a voice of their own.

As I continued to meet more people, I realized that listening to their stories did not just change me but it changed them. Everyone has a story to tell, a moment they want to share that gives life meaning. Being able to understand and immerse myself in their stories gave me hope.

Film is not about fame or fortune, it is about giving a voice that speaks. Behind the lens is someone who just wants to understand the people she encounters. Making each day count with a story that might change the world.

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