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Artist Statement: I am a multimedia artist who is infatuated with the old, the new and where they intersect. This has brought me to studying film/video, circus and puppetry. Growing up in the old growth region of central Washington has had a huge impact on the art that I make.

I am an artist who creates pretty pictures. Sometimes they move sometimes they don't. Sometimes they are flat and sometimes they are 3D. I am moving into doing more puppetry and performance arts. I am currently studying aerial, partner acrobatics, animation, cinematography and video editing. In all my spare moments I organize CoG, Collective of Geniuses. I specialize in seriography, letterpress, typography, and other photoemulsion printing processes. I also make books, boxes, containers and other promotional materials. I am available to create pretty pictures for you or your project. I can also bring friends together to create a performance for you event.

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