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Shag Marry Kill (SMK) is an online and Android game where players can choose from three people presented on screen. The game is based on the popular pub game where three people are presented to you and you then select which one you would shag, which you would marry, and which you would kill. It’s that simple!

SMK is now a social game allowing people to download the app or play via web-browser. The gamer has the option to register and create a mini-profile OR play the game without registering, selecting from registered players.

The social and gaming twist with Shag Marry Kill is that you can add yourself to the game and when you are playing, you can see the stats of the people at the end of each round.

Shag Marry Kill is currently in BETA and this version is specifically for advertising and marketing-types visiting the south of France for a big festival (hint hint). Can’t make it to the festival? Create a profile and see who would have SMK’d you (from a distance, of course).

SHAG ME? VIDEO CREDITS: Animation, SoundDesign, Direction: KyleEdit, NYC

WHERE AM I VIDEO CREDITS: Director: Evan Silver Production Co: Tool
Editing: Cutting Room

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