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Founded in 1998, SimmonsMichael.Media & Associates / has always been dedicated to serving the business industry and non-profit . In this effort, the company has grown from a core group working in a facility, to what is a multi-talented staff of employees.

We have always realized that the most dependable way for our lab to grow will be in the development of lasting relationships cultivated by providing valuable products and effective services that will increase the success of our customers.
We work hard to earn your confidence and trust.

We provide businesses a way to easily access online viral presence, film design, editing creative film RAW 2.5k, web development [[, marketing (facebook,twitter,youtube,instagram) mass promotion, sound engineering,sound production mixing mastering service, e-commerce cinemaphotography, branding with the whitelines apparel department(embroidery,screen printing, varsity lettermans jackets), educational training seminars for mixing, a friendly customer service team, and much more. Each service that we provide has been created with the customer in mind, striving to meet all of your needs in one professional Film cinemaphotography lab.

By making SimmonsMichaelMedia & Associates/ your lab, we welcome you to the family, and believe that we can help make the difference in taking your business to the next level.

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