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A free, readily accessible and comprehensive entertainment showcase, which literally illustrates how and where you can enjoy the most popular social activities in town.

Whether you're a visitor or a regular party goer, this is where its at.

What makes SnapStarLive unique, is that it works around you. Putting you in the picture, literally, with the information you'll want to get immersed in the entertainment and hospitality scene, and a real taste of the action.

Routinely, SnapStarLive photographers and videographers are attending events and clubs, bars, concerts, festivals and launches, to capture the moment in the best possible taste. Covering as many people as possible, providing a celebrated and respectful account of the experiences we all want to share.

Uploaded at speed and with its own special quality, the content SnapStarLive creates is readily accessible for fans and patrons to see tag, share and appreciate.

What's more is the SnapStarLive system makes a special page for public fans and entertainers who tag themselves a few times or frequently, completely free of charge, all linked to the company you keep, your friends, and the activities and events you attend and most enjoy.

And if you connect through SnapStarLive to Facebook, you become a SnapStarLive member, which leads to all kinds of benefits according to whatever you're into

We understand the importance of accessibility, so we've illustrated the places you can go for a day or night out and countless entertainment offerings, all supported by huge galleries of images so you can explore the action that's been happening or relive the moment

For venues, it's huge. They can show you how much people enjoy about what they offer, the people who go there, and what they've got coming up next.

For entertainers, it brings their profile to the surface, where they played, what it was like, where they're going to play and when.

What's great about SnapStarLive is the importance it places on enjoyment and making you look great.

Right down to the new Fashion section, which gives you the new and emerging fashion trends from a range of very cool labels.

So there you have it and theres so much more to come.

Enjoy! From all of us at SnapStarLive.

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