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Sneh Productions is an independent television production company, which works hand-in-hand with foreign production and media houses to produce Indian–based content for international broadcasters from around the world.

Sneh Gupta, the proprietor of this company, has been working out of India since 1996, having learnt the craft of television production whilst living in the UK and LA since 1982. This places Sneh Productions in a unique position – it gives us the ability to understand your every need since we function using the same industry norms and ethics as practiced by you at every level of the production process. This, in turn, makes the chain of communication extremely fluid for all concerned, ensuring that everyone is working from the same page right from the inception of the project.

The in-house production team has a vast amount of experience under its belt and can provide you with complete research, budgeting, location scouting, and recce and shoot services. Apart from providing support services, we have also been called in to troubleshoot on some productions.

Sneh Productions is constantly on the lookout for, and is developing, saleable projects based out of India, which could be of interest to commissioning editors. We would love to join hands with you if the idea of working in our neck of the woods appeals to you.

India is a very diverse country and can be a real rollercoaster ride. She may seem chaotic to you at first glance, but we call it ‘organized’ chaos!! So take heart – nothing is impossible and everything is possible – all at the same time!!

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