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Bloomington, Indiana

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Unable to plug the viewer directly into my perception, I produce artworks through the editing and processing of video and audio which stand as surrogates for the immediate experience of internal thought. I freely adapt other materials to enhance this process, refusing any self-imposed barriers to expression. Through the use of my poetry (sometimes explicitly, sometimes as a guiding principle beneath the surface) I am searching for those layers of association which are just beginning to be glimpsed when we seek spoken or written language as an everyday tool.

My interests lie in metaphor as a method of communication uniquely capable of representing thought; in Nature's forms and functions, and where they entwine with our species; and in the internal life of the individual, including that which may be called spirit or soul. I view the human mind as dwelling alone within a tower of biology, each of us originating from a point of isolation, but constantly seeking communion with each other, through symbol, language, and emotion.

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