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São Paulo, Brasil

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Silvana Nuti is a journalist, writer and filmmaker. She worked for newspapers and magazines, attended film courses in São Paulo, collaborated as a freelancer scriptwriter for TV stations in Rome, worked at L’Association Internationale pour Man Ray in Paris and deepened the scriptwriting at The New School in New York.
In 2007, with two partners, she created an educative games producer, Redalgo, and in 2012 she founded the film company Sol Filmes, both based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Interested in better ways of living and conducting life on Earth, Silvana creates films and documentaries related to this vision.

In the last five years, Silvana Nuti has created cinepoems and directed short films, including a documentary. Blind Date is her first independent movie, made with no budget and non-professional actors. Elevate is her second short film. Both were shot in São Paulo, Brazil, and they talk about trust and higher grounds inside. Liquid Skin is her latest cinepoem.

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