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SNUTPORT SINCE 2011 - Apparel & Custom Motorcycle
Born in Bandung city, a densely populated small town, which is located180km from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The city with beautiful smooth-skinned women, fashion lifestyle, creative young people, motorcycle lifestyle and attitude.
SNUTPORT is a garage for all, creativity workshops, apparel and custom motorcycle. Where these things are the main points in life, which will color, motivate, and even the wheels of the economy. Starting from the small communities of influence, solidarity, totality, creativity in the work, then join, mutual sharing, to provide an inspiration, producing a beautiful work.
Brotherhood, mutual respect, complementarity, into a masterpiece for and giving spirit in order to stay young to old. Take the values that littered the streets, became a cultural norm and have noble values, life is a journey,driving, which also contains many stories to tell and a lesson for us all.

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