Sebastjan Oblak

Slovenia, Ljubljana

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Hi there! I’m Sebastjan, I come from the humble country of Slovenia, Europe. I was born somewhere around in Ljubljana, on the 10th of February 1992. Throughout my life I’ve have had multiple hobbies. I still do actually. I like to bike. And things. Otherwise I divide my time between studies (I’m attending the faculty of economics in Ljubljana), working as a student in a revision firm, my girlfriend and photography/videography. My career started out not so promising, with a Canon EOS 400D, and a kit lens. At the time, I really, really did some stupidities. Anyways, as any first time DSLR owners, I took pictures of flowers, and my cat, and thought I was “the shit”. Time passed by, I wasn’t really photographing much, but things started changing somewhere around May 2011. I’ve met Mark, who filmed our graduation movie, and I’ve started to help him. Filming and photography became my main hobby, and now, 1 year later, I’m here. In the time, I’ve saved up for the gear I have now. My “paid” career started out with nightclub photography in a nightclub, called “The CUBE”, which unfortunately doesn’t operate anymore. Now, I'm experienced in most fields of photography, improving myself all the time, also in video production, in which I am slowly, but steadily evolving. I always put quality on the first spot, as I'm a perfectionist.

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