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My name is John McPhee, AKA, The Sheriff of Baghdad. I spent 20 years in the US Army as a special forces operative. I've carried out missions around the globe in almost every conceivable set of circumstances. Now retired from the military, I am joining forces with Big Creek Productions to create and deliver awesome media content. We are gonna dial up the heat and show you my training methods, life behind the scenes and basically how I roll on a daily basis. We are gonna shoot things, wreck cars, blow stuff up, hang in my RV, roll across the country, visit with specialists and manufacturers, push tactical gear to the limit, go hunting, you name it. You can even attend one of my training courses coming to a range near you! This is your invitation to join me, John McPhee, The Sheriff of Baghdad on one helluva ride! Seat belts are optional, fearlessness is MANDATORY!

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