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Sojourn began when a number of hungry souls began to talk and pray about a new church in the Highlands of Louisville. Having longed for real community and a fresh expression of the gospel, we hoped to see a church for the over-churched and un-churched.

September 2000 saw our first public services with approximately 60 people in attendance. Most of the crowd was young, perhaps 18-25 years old, and many predicted we couldn't last. Despite that fear, we became self-supporting as of January 2002 and had grown to approximately 350 in attendance on Sundays as of Spring 2006, including a steadily expanding children's ministry.

For two and a half years, we ran a successful art gallery and music venue called Aslans How on Bardstown Road. We've recorded five CDs of original music and successfully planted two churches in Louisville.

Over the last seven years, we've built strong friendships, learned how to live in community with each other and experienced the gospel personally in our community groups and in our large gatherings. We've also seen new people come to Christ, marriages healed and restored and people find community in the church who didn't have a place in the church before. In the words of many, coming to Sojourn has been like “coming home.”

The years of challenges and accomplishments have brought us back again and again to the vision of our church which is our desire to see the gospel transform everything – we as individuals, our church, our city and the world.

In the fall of 2006, we completed the first stage of renovation and moved into the old Isaac Shelby Elementary School at 930 Mary Street in Germantown. After five and a half years using facilities that were rented or borrowed, we received this building as a gift. The first floor is currently home to our worship services, children’s ministry and The 930 Art Center. The second floor is home to additional children’s ministry space, an indoor playground, a gymnasium and the church offices. The final stage of renovation has begun on the third floor and will house additional offices, art studios, art making space, a recording studio and multi-purpose rooms for use by our student ministries and others.

Since moving into 930 Mary Street, our attendance has grown to approximately 1200 on Sundays and we have seen several new ministries emerge as a result of the diversity of our church body. We want this building to be a blessing to the city of Louisville; a multi-purpose community center of sorts serving as a resource for the arts, a place for conversations about commerce and the politics of our city, and most of all, as a voice for the light, life, and hope of the gospel.

The word "sojourn" can mean several things. It can speak of a long journey or a temporary dwelling place. It has connotations of deliverance and redemption, of journeying from bondage and slavery to freedom. We named our church Sojourn for all these reasons. If life is a journey, then we want our journey to be marked most clearly by our destination; one opened up to us by the grace of God through his Son, Jesus. Our journey is one from death to life, from darkness and shadow into the Light.

We welcome anyone who longs for community, for healing, and for wholeness to join us in looking to Jesus and the way of life in which He invites us. Our home is not this world, but God has put us here for this time and in this place; so we want to lock arms and journey together to see what He has in store.

"A man's greatest care should be for that place where he dwells longest; therefore eternity should be his scope."
- Thomas Manton

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