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Freelance photographer. Pinhole cameras shepherd, doing Solargraphy.

Solarigrafia/Solargraphy: Lensless camera + photosensitive paper + 6 months exposure + www. Invisible dialogue between light and landscape, hundreds of sunsets/sunrises are inside the pic, perhaps the perfect moment also.

It starts with the Solaris Project, original idea by Pawel Kula, Slawomir Decyck and Diego Lopez Calvin during 2000-2001. In this project some polish & spanish photographers launch a free calling throught internet in order to make a simultaneous collective fixing pinhole cameras over different latitudes to compare how differents the Sun tracks were for their own places. They synchronice start and ending times of exposure with the solstices and share the results in a website called The Solaris Project. An abstract can be wiewed in :

free.art.pl/solaris/solaris/Solaris.html or solarigrafia.com

Without using any chemical agents or water. Straight negative, just scan and invert. Ecological, sustainable.

The cricket cant stop singing this summer, it has constructed its nest by the camera planted in the garden.

More information at solarigrafia.com

Thanks for your time

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