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Solarity Studios is one of the top media production companies in Dallas. We are a full service agency specializing in video production, photography, and digital marketing.

Solarity is a fully integrated production company, specializing in music videos, television, motion graphics, digital marketing, and branded content.

Alex Kinter has comprised Solarity with a group of talented filmmakers and post-production professionals. At Solarity, we approach all of our client relationships with integrity, accountability, and a responsibility to deliver remarkable work on time.

In today's marketplace, most battles are won on the digital frontier; that's why, our vision has been the same since inception. We want to offer our clients fully integrated solutions to successfully market their businesses on all fronts.

We have a fearless creative team with a healthy balance of laser-focused strategy. Our marketing services include digital strategy, market research, web design, SEO/SEM, social media, publicity, and online video production.

What separates our agency from others is that we have an in-house interactive studio. This allows us to help launch our clients with the tools that they need to gain exposure and grow their brands. Our team is determined to help you reach your goals and share in your vision.

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