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Graphical Designer by Day, Photographer by Night.
Photography is my Hobie, but someday I want it to become my business.
For now each time I photograph something or someone I find a different way of photographing, or different way of looking at things - Shot by shot I learn more.
I've taken a different road lately with manual lenses only. I currently have 3 Asahi Pentax Mount lenses, and 1 Carl Zeiss Pentax Mount lens. I plan on buying a Minolta to EF Flange from Italy and a OM to EF adapter with Infinity focus.
All of which will be mounted on my Canon 20D with over 30k in photos taken.
I've been using Adobe Photo Shop for well over 8 years with a ACE in the future. I'm a designer/id card specialist for a small company in Northern California, Redding. I design ID Cards for all Native Americans in the US of A.
If you see a Native ID Card, it was by chance designed by me. Soon to have a set of ID Cards for Homeland Security for Boarder crossing.

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