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Brooklyn, NY

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Inspired by listening to all genres of music at the same time, in a very small space, Something in Spanish makes music with a lilt everyone can appreciate.

Something in Spanish is Julio Monterrey (electronics/synthesizers), Michelle Perez (vocals) and with the new addition of David Mason (electronic drums). Michelle and Julio first met in Miami in 2006, when they decided to move outside of their musical comfort zones by experimenting with electronic music. Over time, they evolved and discovered something magical through crafting playful, yet haunting, music.

Influenced by romantic melodies, Michelle is drawn to emotion and movement; while Julio works within avant sound collages and a horror aesthetic. Something in Spanish makes novel sonic compositions that blur the lines between a nostalgic and futuristic sound.

With a unique sensibility, their live show is an engaging experience. Their rare ability to fuse drama and performance sheds light on the group’s individual personalities.

Through the creation of their adventurous and romantic music, Julio and Michelle’s ultimate mission is to heal and nurture all through music and performance.

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