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Adam (Szabolcs) Somlai-Fischer (1976 Budapest) is interested in the cultural qualities of new technologies, and to explore these he creates installations and experiments that blend spaces, technologies and interactivity. A team worker, Adam collaborates with designers, artists and engineers, where motivations are shared to create projects from conglomerates of thinking cultures.
Examples include: Reconfigurable House and Reorient – spaces made of thousands of electronic toys, Aleph, an outdoor display built from kinetic mirrors, Wifi Camera – a DIY camera taking picture of the Wifi landscape, Ping Genius Loci – a field of outdoor analogue pixels, Brainmirror – a mixed reality experience presenting MRI through a mirror, Low Tech Sensors and Actuators workshop and handbook, and Induction house – a set of experiments for spatial projections.
These projects were shown at the Venice Biennale of Architecture2004, 2006, 2008(international show) China International New Media Arts Exhibition 2008, NTT ICC Tokyo, ISEA 2004 Helsinki and 2006 San Jose, Ars Electronica 2006, Kiasma Museum Helsinki, Ludwig Museum Budapest.
Adam is directing aether architecture, was the founding member and program director of Kitchen Budapest medialab, and has ventured into the world of new media start ups with

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