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Edgar Muniz was born in Anaheim, CA. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and a Master’s Degree in English from Cal State Fullerton University. His fascination with film began at a very young age. As an only child, he spent much of his youth on his own watching movies and obsessing over how they were made. When he’d spend summers at his cousin’s house in Hawaiian Gardens, they’d take his dad’s Hi-8 camcorder and make short films around the neighborhood and in their backyard. As he grew older, Muniz’s fascination with film became a deeper passion and love for the art of filmmaking. Influenced by the complexities, power and possibilities of cinema, he began to make more ambitious and personal films. Film became a medium through which he could explore what’s most important and interesting to him. He works as a college instructor and is working on his 13th feature film.

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