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  1. NU Summer ASL 1 AM

    by Paul Schreyer joined

    5 Videos 10 Members

  2. Refuge Church for the Deaf

    by Refuge Church for the Deaf joined

    105 Videos 2 Members

    A Biblical Sermon preached in American Sign Language.

  3. CRPD

    by World Federation of the Deaf joined

    244 Videos 5 Members

  4. Signs of Love

    by Signs of Love joined

    14 Videos 3 Members

  5. My Videos

    by Jim Lipsky - NU joined

    21 Videos 4 Members

  6. ASLReligion

    by Travas Young joined

    2 Videos 3 Members

  7. Sign language High Council of Orion Channelings

    by Paul Marwood joined

    31 Videos 3 Members

    Channeled Messages from the High Council of Orion with Sign Language traslation by Terrylene Sacchetti

  8. Deaf/ASL

    by Ritchie Bryant joined

    24 Videos 11 Members

  9. Deaf WYD 2008

    by Deaf Apostolate joined

    24 Videos 7 Members

    Deaf Catholic Community from Boston Travels to Sydney to meet the Pope together with the young Catholics of the world.

  10. Dartmouth ASL

    by Jack Shultz joined

    13 Videos 8 Members

    Upload video assignments for CoCo 2

  11. DWW episodes and songs

    by Silent Blessings joined

    9 Videos 4 Members

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