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In 2003, Jason Rich and Keith Toombs formed Songbird Entertainment out of a mutual passion for professional production work, mixed with a lighthearted approach that results in a quality end-product. With this approach, they have gained clients in the world of corporate video, broadcast video, and broadcast and commercial television.

In 2012 Jason and Keith teamed up with Zach Rutledge, to transform Songbird Entertainment into Songbird Media Group. SMG is a full-scale, state of the art media production company, that can take the client's vision from idea, offering creative consulting to storyboards & scripting in pre-production, to shooting on-location, and finally, to editing a finished product delivery in multiple formats.

Songbird Media Group always performs with that same deep-seeded passion for a quality product, in every step of the process. Contact us today, and let SMG take your company or product to the next level.

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