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  1. 05:55:00

    SGM Edit Work, Feature Docs

    by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez

    7 Videos

    Feature-length documentaries edited by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez. Contact:

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  3. 01:06:50

    GET SOME Web Series

    by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez

    11 Videos

    Set in today’s hip Bronx, GET SOME! is a new comedy about a Nuyorican couple who refuse to accept the honeymoon is over. Sam (Angelo Lozada), a line-cook, aspires to be a celebrity chef while…

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  5. 02:01:56

    SGM Edit Work, Short Content / Clips

    by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez

    24 Videos

    Short documentaries and documentary excerpts edited by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez. Contact: 646-541-7183,

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