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Sonia Ntova is a Greek performer, choreographer and teacher based in Zurich.She has graduated as a contemporary and classical dance teacher/ dancer from Superior Academy of Dance of Thessaloniki (Greece), with a scholarship by Rudy Bryans to France(Montpellier).
She works as a freelancer dancer on various projects across Europe.
In the time being, she works with Jens Biedermann in the piece Rush (TAnzPlanOSt) ,and with Dysoundbo company in the piece “DICCILLU”.
Her interest is in the creation as well. She created “Ialemos, when there is nothing else to mourn, you have to mourn yourself” a collaboration with the musicians Spuros Theodoridis and Marina Tantanozi, that was supported by Tanzhaus Zurich.
She created and performed the piece “My first Tic Tac of all your seconds”, a collaboration with Eirini Sourgiadaki that was been awarded as one of the best creation for new Creators of Onassis Cultural Center, Athens (coproduction Gessnerallee Zurich).
The video Dance “Tricky Trigger”, a collaboration with George Gerasimidis and the Vasilis Avdelas which is featured at various cultural festivals, and continues currently with “SunHopers”.
As a teacher, she teaches ballet principles to teenagers in OperaStadt theater Sursee(CH) , and as a contemporary dance teacher she collaborates with Tanzhaus, Zurich, Tanzburo Basel, Superior School of Dance of Thessaloniki, KINOUME studio etc.
She is assistant in the LEAP team of Zurich, and member of IDOCDE platform.


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