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Award "Revelación artística" en la XXI Edición de los Premios Cultura Viva. 2012.

Nominate Award V Premio de teatro Valle-Inclán en 2011 director by "El imaginario de Cervantes".

Nominate Award IV Premio de teatro Valle-Inclán en 2010 diirector by "El viejo celoso y la cueva de Salamanca".

Director of "Daddy has gone" a story of Elvira Lindo. Premiere at London Spanish Film Festival

Directed and wrote 16 episodes of the the successful tv series "Girl seeks Girl" broadcasted in Spain on Terra Tv and distributed in DVD by Pridefilms. Also the tv series is being distributed in the US by Wolfe tv and the DVD will come out in November 2009. Sonia is currently working on the second season script and pre-production.
Co-Creator and co-writer of a new tv series named "Sun Project" with Zoe Berriatúa and Marc Saez. The project has being sold recently to a Production Company in Spain.

She has directed three short movies in 35mm: "Grotesqués Road Movie", "Ladridos" and "Elisa Guzmán". All of them have had a wide participation in either national or international film festivals. Her short movie "La Llamada" won the first prize in Hollywood Channel. 2007. This year Sonia directed the short movie "Two women, a bird and a sad love story" in Madrid and "Women on the fall' in the US.

Script collaborate for the pilot episode of a new tv series in the US, "La Manzana" shot in New York City in the summer of 2009. She also worked in this production as a spanish couch for the lead actresses and directed "the making of" the pilot.

Currently she is the artistic director of the Theater "Teatro de Camara Cervantes" opened in November 2008. She directed two short plays by Miguel de Cervantes "The jealous old man" and "The Salamanca Cave" and "Dog Word" by Juan Mayorga.

She studied Drama at the prestigious Drama School in Madrid named RESAD. She also was a member of the Theater Group "Les Grotesques". Sonia studied filmmaking at the well-known TV and Film School "San Antonio de Baños" in Cuba. She also has studied screenwriting with Lola Salvador, Valentin Fdez Tubao and Pedro Loeb.

Her screenplay "Girl Gets Girl" co-written with Cristina Pons and Anger Turlan is in preproduction in Spain.

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