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Frank Schulte

sound & media artist

German sound creator Frank Schulte has played in various ensembles for improvised and composed sound art. He works with performance artists, dancer, actors and lyricists. He also composes music for scenic plays, experiments with the application of new electronic sound generation techniques, multi -channel sound installations and network performances, creates sounds, tracks and atmospheres for film and television works. In cooperation with video artists he develops and presents conceptual expanded media projects. F.S. combines his sound generating equipment into a musical household of electronic instruments. Out of the European musical tradition, sound installations, music for unknown films and in applications for New Dance Culture or musique concrète he has created noise stories, songlines and dreamscapes in a very specific personal language. He has conceptualised numerous intermedia events, such as SWITCHBOX and electronic lounge, in which his selection of sound arts, ambient music and improvised music, as well as elements from the electronic dance music scene are locked together in dense friction

creative collaborations with: David Moss, Jon Rose, David Shea, Yoshihide Otomo, Anna Homler, Thomas Heberer, Christian Marclay, Phil Minton, Sainkho Namchylak, Sussan Deyhim, Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, eRikm, Philip Jeck, Dirk Raulf, Matthias Mainz, Kalle Laar, Jörg Ritzenhoff and Andres Bosshard

performs since 1986 in various clubs, festivals and concert halls throughout Europe, for example: International New Jazz Festival Moers, Jazz Festival Leipzig, Jazz Festival Berlin, Festival International des Musiques Actuelles Nancy, GRAME Festival Lyon, ISEA 94 Helsinki, music unlimited Wels,the Sonambiente Festival Berlin and the Musik Triennale Cologne. Performances and projects on the documenta 8 and 9 in Kassel and on the XLV biennale in Venice Italy, Opera Leipzig and Dresden, Berliner Ensembel, IRCAM Paris, Musik Triennale Köln 1997, toured by order of the German Goethe Institut in Uruguay, Argentinia, Chile, London and Rome, India and Japan.


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