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Sonoran Arts Network is a collaborative arts project dedicated to facilitating communication among artists, art lovers, and other culture workers living and thriving in our shared Sonoran Desert bioregion.

We vigorously support the growth, expansion, and promotion of the arts in order to achieve our common goal of greater community and cultural development. Inspired by, and grounded in our mutual creativity, we seek to engage and transform the conversation about the arts and culture from the language of “me” to the language of “we” so that together, we can build a healthier, more sustainable, more inclusive, and more prosperous regional community for this generation and the next.

You can become part of the “we” by sending your ideas and submissions. If you have ideas for stories or news about upcoming events, email us. If you want to write a feature or review, or if you want to interview someone, submit your idea for an article to Sonoran Art Network’s managing editor, C.J. Shane, at Don't miss our new My Turn page which is just for your contributions.

C.J. Shane, Managing Editor

Ryn Shane-Armstrong, Video Editor

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  • SAN Website - Website for the Sonoran Arts Network, featuring articles, photos, reviews, and video.


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