Viña del Mar/Chile

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Spending whole afternoons in a room and talking about old stories that were pretty much boring, this band blossomed in the spring of last year. Weary of coffee and chocolate that days of winter left, while Sebastian finished his days, tired of making a science experiment where attitudes were measuring toward the environment; in that precise moment we realized that we weren’t growing old, since we were simply obsessed in finding the riddles of the forest that would lead us to that old wooden door..

..Days later this boy appeared; everyone was talking about and looking at him in a strange way, for being indigo, a word that I ignored until that instant. At the beginning we thought he was ill, but we understood that he had a hell of good style, although his rhythm and stuff was pretty much the same. At that moment Sergio appeared. He was lost and hiding in the days of cold. Without finding any traces or footprints from where he came, he didn’t talk a lot either, but we were sure that it was more than a secret that he was hiding about his strange origin and supernatural skills. Secrets that until now remain unknown …It was in that moment we asked ourselves, 'Well, who or what is this Sophia, anyway?

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