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Sophie Boyce is an award-winning writer/director whose professional experience ranges from the writers room of E4's BAFTA-Award-Winning series 'Skins' to developing feature films with multi-award-winning producer, Christine Cheung (of Tread Softly Pictures).
Sophie graduated from the prestigious Met Film School in 2012 with a first class honours degree in practical filmmaking. Her graduation film, 'Mache Man' - a heartfelt and charming family fantasy - is due for release into the festival circuit in 2013.
Since graduating, Sophie is developing a number of projects including a TV Series 'Thigh High', which has been taken into development by Met Productions, a dark fantasy feature film and a children's novel, 'Twsited Tales of the Child Snatchers'.
Sophie is a keen enthusiast of theatre, music and the 1960s. Her passion is to write material that is 'fresh', 'unique' and 'inspiring'.

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