Sophie Wagner

Vienna, AUT. Manchester, UK.

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Sophie Wagner is an independent documentary filmmaker and anthropologist, living in Vienna. She graduated from the University of Vienna and received a MA in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Centre at the University of Manchester. She gives talks on ethnographic filmmaking and holds school workshops on media literacy. Since 2001 she conducted several short film projects and worked as a camera operator for a broad range of clients. Sophie worked on notions of indigenous "authenticity" and the instrumentalisation of culture in Australia, on time and place in Slovenia, homophobia in Reggae in Germany and healing springs in the Austrian countryside. Her last film 'On Common Ground' was shot in Israel and focuses on the relationship of three communities in neighbouring villages in the Noth - a microcosm of the current situation in the country. Her current project is a feature length documentary on the reconceptualisation of the ethnographic museum Vienna, the "Weltmuseum" ("World Museum"), during its phase of renovation and change. Sophie is also part of the ETHNOCINECA team - Vienna's documentary and ethnographic film fest, which annually takes place in May. For next years event and the monthly filmclub please take a look at:

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  • ETHNOCINECA - Vienna based documentary and ethnographic film festival


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