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As a duo, me and Jack Tew, a director I work with closely, make up 'Feels Film'. Our aim is to start making films which have a positive impact on the planet. Follow us on facebook!

I love producing. But not just in the organisational sense... I love getting stuck into the idea and inside the directors head so we have the same vision for the film. I love those long ideas generation conversations that get you pumped for the film! A lot of creative people I work with have amazing ideas, and often just need a push... i LOVE being that push.

At the moment, I am working as a production manager/ production assistant in commericals, but would love if I could begin to work in films that raise awareness... documentaries, or even mini docs? Watch this space :) Get in touch if you have any ideas for a film or documentary you need producing!! I'd love to get on board im sure.


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