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St. Petersburg, FL

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My alter-ego/spiritual-self is known around town as Rev. Rhythm. I got my start with music in my Mother's womb, hearing the heartbeat of life. Shortly thereafter birth, I began tapping on school desks with pens and pencils, daydreaming and wondering why i was stuck in this classroom learning things that did not always serve my highest good.

I bought my first piddly little djembe for $25 at a head shop in St. Louis. With no formal training, I started tapping with my fingers creating grooves of the cosmos. My style is very organic and continues to evolve.

I've been playing with Unitones (house band) for over seven years and our ensemble, Soulfire, for two years now. I've also got history as a DJ in Denver during my college years where I started to really understand beats and bars.

Currently I am masterminding a Sound Atrium for our 3-day event coming in November 2009.

The name "Rev" is not just a name, I am indeed an ordained Minister with the online church of Universal Ministries. I have performed two weddings so far, however, none with drums yet!

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