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film - music - fashion - events - art direction

David De Sousa is a multi-skilled filmmaker, motion designer and art director based in Paris, France. He’s experienced in motion design, cinematography and film directing.

David is a huge fan of any king of moving pictures since he was young. Growing up watching a lot of movies, he pays a special attention to opening title sequences and sfx.
In 2001 he gets graduated of a graphic design school, and then he begins to work as a storyboarder for ads (SFR,PEUGEOT,…), music videos (KAOLIN, …) and feature films (« Les Rivières Pourpres 2 », «Le Grand Meaulnes »).
In 2005, he started to shoot and edit an increasing number of videos of experimentations.
In 2009, he starts working for UBISOFT on «JUST DANCE» over 5 years. He does hundreds of videos as a motion designer and video art director.

Meanwhile, he works as «SOUMATO» on several personal projects and collaborates as a motion designer with different clients on fashion events (DIESEL - Black Gold - Milan, and live music Events (Sebastian, The Hacker, Indochine,…).
He also directed music videos (Miss Kittin, M83, My Brightest Diamond, TV on the radio,…) and his first short "Le Mâle Idéal" (200 euros budget !), was selected in the International Short Film Festival in Bern, SWITZERLAND - 2013.

David is currently developing his feature film «The End of Trees». Art expression being an essential part of his life, he is open to new challenges.


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