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    Composing for film and television

    by Sound and Music

    7 Videos

    Film and television composer Debbie Wiseman MBE answers questions and offers advice to students at the 2013 Sound and Music Summer School for young composers.

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    How To...

    by Sound and Music

    2 Videos

    Videos from How To.. series

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    Summer School Tutorials

    by Sound and Music

    7 Videos

    Video Tutorials from some of the artists teaching at Sound and Music's Summer School.

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    Sound in Context

    by Sound and Music

    3 Videos

    All the various versions of our documentary Sound in Context - exploring sound in contemporary art.

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    by Sound and Music

    12 Videos

    Learning and enagement Projects from Sound and Music

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    Shortlist 2008

    by Sound and Music

    10 Videos

    Video Interviews from the 2008 Shortlisted Composers. To find out more about the Shortlist, visit: http://www.soundandmusic.org/learning/development/shortlist

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