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User Bio is a joint effort between Onda Sonora and On-Point to promote Belgian off-centred music with a strong do-it-yourself attitude, fuelled by the easy access to professional quality (electronic) instruments, studio-gear and music software. We do this through organising concerts & parties, selecting new productions for our 22tracks|BRU Beats list and through this website which will serve you both our new discoveries, introduce you to upcoming names and inform you about new releases, events and whatnot.

We do this with an open-mind rather than strict definitions and we follow our heart rather than our a need to be complete. We support what we think is fresh, exciting and has potential. Because we know we aren’t flawless nor all-knowing we’re always open to suggestions and remarks. We will also add people to our list of contributors as things go along.

While we do all this with a firm look upon the future we regularly look back to what has been. Belgium has a very interesting history when it comes to lo-fi produced electronic music (new beat, of course, but also minimal wave, instrumental hiphop or IDM have flourished wildly in our region). We tend to remind you about that too every now and then.

Why the change of name? Well, RELEASE is hardly the best name ever in these Google-driven times. So after long nights of seeking inspiration, helped by our nations excellence in fine speciality beers, we came up with Because we think, with our distinctive musical history in mind, artists born, bread or based here should sound boldly Belgian and above all should sound boldly like no one before.

Feel free to send all your music, news, suggestions, remarks to info @

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