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I'm very active in the Liberty Movement and have been for the past 5 years but, I focus my efforts on education. I came to this decision after taking part in the sign waving, the rallies (which is preaching to the choir in my opinion), the conventions, workshops and various other activities over a period of 3 years. I began to notice that everyone is so busy being "active' and trying to do something but, at the same time they have no idea what our country was founded on. So, consequently, they have no idea where to begin to "fix" anything. I created a website with the help of my sister entitled:

"Wake Up And Smell The Freedom"

This website has no affiliation with anyone or any group. The focus of it is to simply research what the founders created and then create short, easy to comprehend videos that teach a single concept or idea. In this way, the total amount of information is not so overwhelming but, easily learned in "bite-sized" chunks".
However, you may notice some other videos that seem a little out of place, I also utilize my vimeo account for other activities as well so, please forgive these "out of place" videos.

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