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Sourcetoad is a software engineering firm with offices in Tampa, Florida and Perth Australia. We build mobile apps, desktop applications, kiosk software, and smart TV systems. We specialize in “cross-platform development,” which is a fancy way of saying that our technology allows us to build apps that work on the web, iPhones, Android phones, desktops, TVs, and everything in between, all using the same code base. This means faster go-to-market times for our customers and a simpler ecosystem to manage and maintain. Because we use one code base, our customers get a number of instant wins:

1)Our developers can move easily between teams to scale up your project if necessary.
2) The same team working on your web application can work on your smart TV app, allowing a deeper understanding of our clients' needs, systems, and culture.
3) If a bug is found in one system, we can quickly fix it across all applications and devices.
4) Our clients’ mobile apps can avoid long review times in the app stores. We can push changes to an entire ecosystem of apps in a single day.

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